Inspired by I don't really know who. Hooooly shit, I've had a month.
  1. July 1st
    Driving a moving truck 19 hours to Nashville with my friend Eric.
  2. July 2nd
    We made it!
  3. July 3rd
    Lol we were all about this video that day. We also watched fireworks in Franklin.
  4. July 4th
    My birthday! We moved into Eric and Mel's new apartment and saw the largest firework display in the country accompanied by the Nashville Symphony.
  5. July 5th
    I think Eric and I did our first Bump? We went guitar shopping and I got judged for either being a girl in a guitar shop or being a brown girl in a guitar shop 🤷🏽‍♀️ (most likely for not really knowing how to play guitar and them being afraid I'd break something 🙄🙄🙄 I'm being way more careful than anyone else in this shop, SIR)
  6. July 6th
    La La Land with the Nashville Symphony! This was fun and a fun way to watch the movie (I didn't, I watched the orchestra/conductor the entire time and they really stressed me out during the singing parts but I loved it)
  7. July 7th
    Ringo's birthday. We had pizza and went (continued) guitar shopping for ✌🏽 and ❤️.
  8. July 8th
    Cleaning my best friend Lauren's house in Franklin because she's the best for letting us stay there.
  9. July 9th
    Flying back to NM
  10. July 10th
    So happy to see this little guy 😻
  11. July 11th
    My parents' 30th anniversary!
  12. July 12th
    Guess I did a face mask lol
  13. July 13th
    My dad's birthday!
  14. July 14th
    I had a balloon sorting project at Lauren's flower shop. I have many many photos of balloons. 75 I think? 😱
  15. July 15th
    More flower shop and later, ice cream with Lauren and the dogs! Louis (standard poodle) ate his cone and the other dog's cone (not pictured, Ubbie, tiniest, dumbest, cutest poodle who couldn't figure out what ice cream was quick enough)
  16. July 16th
    Ya'll. 100% 😎
  17. July 17th
    More flower shop- deliveries, etc.
  18. July 18th
    Got to meet the wonderful @veshecco in real life! (Took these photos the next day)
  19. July 19th
    Nathan was kind enough to hang out with me during the day; @nikkilounoel and I finally talked on the phone that evening! ❤️❤️❤️
  20. July 20th
    SUF. JAN. 💀
  21. July 21st
    OMG OMG OMG BEN (with San Francisco symphony) 100% would recommend.
  22. July 22nd
    Flight out of SF. Lost my bag. Looooong day. But got to Seattle with all my stuff to spend the week with one of my best friends Jon and his roommate Nate!
  23. July 23rd
    Beautiful flowers and greenery in Volunteer Park in Seattle.
  24. July 24th
    Japanese garden in Seattle. Please don't mind my dumb smile. I was appeasing a "smile" request 🙄 I WAS smiling LOLOL
  25. July 25th
    Hung out at Jon's apt and practiced guitar, piano, and figured out why there was a mystery $700 charge on my card. Got a key for tomorrow so I could leave the house!
  26. July 26th
    Explored the area around Jon and Nate's apt. Dinner with the boys. Guys, evidently I really missed NM/at least the food that day.
  27. July 27th
    Jon had a show with his band. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  28. July 28th
    The boys played for me. 🎹🎻
  29. July 29th
    Seattle Art Museum/Pike Place
  30. July 30th
    Today? On a plane back to NM
  31. Tomorrow?
  32. ...
  33. Let's talk about how much I feel I've learned this month though.
  34. Nashville
    I realized that I do love Nashville. I also realized that I really fucking wish Belmont had a master's-level equivalency program in Music Therapy
    I realized (possibly for the first time ever?) that I can feel judged bc of my skin tone. It's never happened to me before, or if it has, I've never felt it. I don't mean the guitar shop. Pretty sure they were mostly worried about me being short. But being in TN without my pale best friend/her blonde mother for a while really made me notice it. I felt so out of place, especially in Franklin. It's so weird, bc I've been to Franklin a thousand times & have never felt this way. Maybe it's timing?
  36. New Mexico
    I realized that my parents are beautiful and amazing and I miss them so hard right now. I'm so excited to see them when I get home. How am I gonna actually move away when I miss them like crazy after a few weeks??
  37. ALSO
    That my best friend is incredible and I'm so proud of her for being a responsible adult, even if it meant we missed Ben Folds and Regina Spektor performing together in real life. 😭😭😭😭😭
  38. Los Angeles
    Okay, this was scary. I had to be self sufficient which is terrifying because I'm always afraid I'm doing everything wrong. I also don't go places alone. It scares me. But I did it. And I lived! And I feel like I've grown up a lot just because of that. It's really not that scary and I can do things on my own! Shout out to Nathan for easing me into the process by being my friend for a few days so that I wasn't totally alone and also thanks for helping me figure things out!
  39. ALSO
    I think a few days of having no choice but to ask questions and interact with people in order to live my life has greatly helped my social anxiety.
  40. San Francisco
    I was totally alone here & felt good about it. I booked a shitty room but it wasn't the end of the world. I made friends with a Lyft rider bc I talked & met up with her later! I asked people in the lobby about the venue for the show that night & nearby places of interest! I missed my Lyft after the show (not my fault 🙄) but I walked to my hotel without being murdered! I always say I dislike people, but I should remember that most people aren't scary, mean, & uninterested in what I have to say.
  41. ALSO
    Damn, sometimes I just need some early morning alone time at the beach.
  42. Seattle
    I don't know if anyone remembers from previous lists, but I've never been the biggest fan of some of my friend's friends up in Seattle. They haven't done anything to me, but I get really upset and anxious around them, especially when I have to hang out with them plus a large group of strangers. I've listed through it twice because I had to keep myself from panicking/crying in front of them both times.
    I don't know if it was all the interacting with strangers in CA and using Lyft line or whatever, or the newly discovered confidence in myself to do things by myself (or the fact that I'm no longer in love with my friend/jealous of his attractive friends), but I had zero problems interacting with them, talked to them like a normal person, and I even planted flowers outside of their house (with my friend)! I still don't really like a few of them, but I was able to speak to them!
  44. ....
  45. The biggest thing though is that I know now more than ever that I have to get out of New Mexico. I have so much more to do with my life than it has to offer me. It can't happen this year, but when it happens next year, no matter where I end up, I'll be okay.
  46. ❤️❤️❤️