AKA Why @bsizzle33 is the best for giving it to me.❤️❤️❤️
  1. Yesterday I was just admiring it on my lunch break.
  2. Just check this lovey out.
    Better shot than from unboxing list, since I was frantically updating my list as quickly as possible because I knew my SS was waiting!
  3. It's absolutely the best Ravenclaw keychain I've ever seen. Here's why.
  4. Not typical "merch".
    I love Harry Potter, but I'm not a big merch fan. I don't need the things that I use every day to scream I LOVE *whatever* to everyone. That's totally fine, but for me personally, it's too obvious. (All of these others are also examples of typical HP merch)
  5. Proper colors.
    Sorry you got it wrong, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. I'm blue and bronze.
  6. Static
  7. Proper symbol.
    Eagle, guys. Not a raven.
  8. Static
    (Though I don't mind ravens.)
  9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Everything done right. Plus it's beautiful.