In order of events
  1. Even though my summer is cut short because I agreed to do a summer school, 30 extra days added to the school year thing...
    We started today.
  2. And even though I have very reluctantly decided to teach one more year instead of pursing music therapy in the fall...
    Saving money makes sense, and I was able to defer admission for a year.
  3. I'm very happy today!
  4. We originally were scheduled to work 7:30-4:30 M-Th
    But our union said we can't work that many hours, so now we're working 8-3:30 M-Th. That's not exactly wonderful because I'll be getting paid less, but... I'm not a morning person if I can help it so... sleep!
  5. The librarian and I were tasked with editing the master schedule because of this great schedule change. Our principal wanted to add extra PEs and Musics.
    3 Music classes a week? That's so much to plan for, and we're not being given any planning hours thanks to this new schedule. But we figured out a way to avoid it that worked well!
  6. My library had all of the books I need for my summer lesson plans.
    I learned some really great movement activities from Joshua the last few years at Orff. I'll probably just purchase the books for them, but it's nice not to have to right away.
  7. I got a MacBook from my school!
    Not to keep unfortunately. But my old school laptop sucked, and they gave me a MacBook!
  8. I looked into my dossier to renew my teaching license. I should have started it earlier, and need to complete by September.
    I have all year to do it, but thought about not doing it because I was afraid I didn't prepare well enough from last school year. If I want my pay raise to go into effect this year, it needs to be done by September. Otherwise I just won't do it since I won't be using it after this year. If I don't do it, I will miss out on some much needed tuition money, but I think I've got the data I need, so I just need to do it!
  9. I learned that the teacher across the hall from me used to be a Kindermusic teacher. She told me that she's moving and trying to find a home for all of her old instruments and lesson plans. She wants me to stop by her house and check them out!
    She's selling things at quite a steep discount, and I'll be able to start adding to my instrument collection for music therapy-ing in the future! She has all kinds of Orff-ish, early childhood music goodies I'm so excited for!
  10. She also gave me her old Promethean board!
    I've been asking my principal for years for some sort of smart board. I went to an amazing conference a few years back where I learned so many cool music technology things, and have never been able to use them. Until now!
  11. My ukulele got back today!
    Dru from my local guitar shop called me today to let me know it just arrived!
  12. My old uke's neck separated from its body, and they had to send for a new one. It was quite the process. It began in February! And the new one they sent has a pickup!! My old one didn't. I bought two ukes because I loved my now-replaced one so much, but needed to plug it in for concerts. Now I can sell that other guy. Anyone looking into a uke?
    So glad my beloved is back, new and improved!! 🎸❤️ (Hey Cooper.)
  13. Also I got a cool stand for him. :)
    And I love it!
  14. And now it's raining.