1. So every Sunday I work at my parents church teaching Children's Church. I don't always agree with the politics or this church's atmosphere, but I do want to show these children the importance of who Jesus was and what he was about, because I honestly don't know the version they're getting from their parents.
    I guess who's to say my version is right, though, right?
  2. And a little girl just asked me why I celebrate Halloween.
    Because Halloween is evil, but these parents allow these three and four year-olds to bring play guns and run around shooting each other. No problem. And hi. Your kids are also shooting zombies and monsters, FYI... I get that it's play, but... three years old?
  3. We have a kid who could very well be an actor.
    We also have a kid who could very well be a sociopath. Haha.
  4. And there is this little girl with Down syndrome, Yvette, who I've had a hard time connecting with.
    She's very reserved. All of the adults treat her differently. Like she's a small child. I finally had a chance to sit down with only her. She's thirteen and in seventh grade! I had no idea because they treat her like the five year-olds. She's in the class with that age group and she is more than mature enough to move up to the next Sunday School class (3rd-6th grade I believe)
  5. She showed me her notebook today. Every single page.
  6. She loves writing. She will write her favorite words over and over.
    "Mama" "you" are some I can remember. She writes the names of her favorite TV shows and movies, and she copies pages from the Bible. She also does a series of linear squiggles which is quite artistic.
  7. She's very talented in fact.
  8. She drew pictures of her family
    Three different versions. They look drastically different like they are in various artistic styles.
  9. She drew the layout of her home.
  10. She drew a series of colorblocking.
    She loves pink, purple, yellow, and lead.
  11. She drew many, many beautiful, intentional scribbles.
  12. I'm amazed.
    It's really good.
  13. And she has a beautiful mind.
  14. And it saddens me that things are, for extreme lack of a better word, dumbed down for her in this community, a church that should be loving and understanding of everyone.
    As Jesus demonstrates.
  15. Not that they're mean to her, but she is not at all understood or accepted or paid very much attention at all.
  16. But I'm glad to have made a new friend.