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Specifically when looking for an idea to make art out of
  1. Go for a walk.
    Even if it's just in your neighbourhood. Try seeing thing differently, from another perspective.
  2. Flip through some old magazines
  3. Go through old family photos
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There's a lot I shouldn't have done. But here's a few.
  1. Given certain people a second chance
  2. Trusted certain people
  3. Fallen for the guy that was so obviously unattainable
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  1. Stop. Just stop. Stop walking, stop thinking, don't move.
  2. Watch Netflix
    Because Netflix is the cure for everything
  3. Breathe. Don't stop doing that.
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This is only for people who are bored and can't drive
  1. Go bowling
    Or don't, it's cool
  2. Visit family
    I guess this only works if you've got a ride
  3. Eat pizza
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