A photo for every month 2016

  1. January
    My PA program's gross anatomy class is actually at Harvard Med, so I got a Harvard ID which is one of my life's highlights so far
  2. February
  3. March
    My first trip out of the US, me and my roommates go to off-season Niagara Falls and take a day trip to Toronto
  4. April
    We go to the statehouse to talk about PA laws and regulations and it was super cool
  5. May
    I get a bachelors degree, my dad and sister get socks
  6. May gets two dammit it was a big month
    Me and two of my besties go to Mexico for a week!
  7. June
    Found this poor thing in my life all home from work one day
  8. July
    Fam trip to Rockport MA where we give my mother a heart attack by walking way out on rocks
  9. August
    Fam trip to Maine where more rock climbing happened
  10. September
    I get my first stethoscope!
  11. October
    It's PA week in October so we celebrated with this photo
  12. November
    We got to practice ultrasounds- check out that nice (empty) uterus in blue and (full) bladder!
  13. December
    Bar crawl and finals week!
  14. Thanks 2016 you giant dumpster fire.