If someone knows the correct plural for Jesus lemme know because that's my bets guess
  1. ***background: my dad was raised Roman Catholic, my mom Protestant. When my dad married my mom, he converted because he had differing views than the Catholic Church. He still refers to service as mass, though, and has a strange predilection for trying to get a Jesus in every room of his house
  2. Living Room Jesus
    Old print he got when my Pepere sold his house. Has a bunch of French words at the bottom and maybe a spot for baptisms?
  3. Rec Room Jesus
    Prolly should only be up for Christmas, but it stays on the shelf year round. Gift from my dad to mom. It plays "O Little Town of Bethlehem" when you wind it up.
  4. Kitchen Jesus
    Inscription reads "god bless our house", been there since forever
  5. Hallway Jesus #1
    Jesus holding an infant to the right of our painting of Disneyworld's Polynesian Resort.
  6. Hallway Jesus #2
    The Last Supper in a little metal figurine, replaced the tin painting of The Last Supper we used to have in the dining room
  7. The Big Daddy of them all: Bedroom Jesus
    He got this at YARD SALE and he LOVES IT. It's enormous, and has the devil in the bottom and some Latin words he spent weeks looking up on Google Translate. He keeps his old rosaries on the corners and the translation handy in the frame.
  8. I have a theory that Giant Jesus is there to balance out the horror that is
    Dad works in construction and he found this IN SOMEONES WALL WHILE DOING A DEMO. Have you ever heard anything more cursed-sounding in your damn life?!
  10. And if that's not bad enough, this is what the back says:
  11. Static
  12. That sounds like a thing you don't put in your home but hey, who am I.
  13. Alternate list title: Why I don't go into my parents bedroom at night ever