Assorted Boy's Names and Likelihood of Being a Douchebag

  1. 9.
    Salt of the earth. A good dude who will never mansplain and doesn't believe in the friend zone- not a douchebag
  2. 8.
    A feminist who believes in paid maternity leave and gets along great with your mother- not a douchebag
  3. 7.
    A little stingy but practical and texts you back right away and loves animals- not a douchebag
  4. 6.
    A little conceited but razor smart and loves children, especially if he has the nickname 'Jimmy'- maybe sometimes a little bit of a douchebag
  5. 5.
    Prioritizes friends over family, fun to hang out with but he will blow you off for better plans, does try to make up for blowing you off- lovable douchebag
  6. 4.
    Will lie to cover his ass, will manipulate you to get what he wants- total douchebag
  7. 3.
    Huge jock, is homophobic, is voting for Donald Trump- just the worst human 95% of the time
  8. 2.
    Posts pro-gun statuses on Facebook, doesn't believe in animal rights, doesn't text back right away- major douchebag stay FAR AWAY
  9. 1.
    Has anyone ever met a non douchebag named Chad? Because I've yet to hear of one