Go ahead and win my heart
  1. We go to a dog park and you ask all the dog owners if it is okay for me to pet their dogs
    Bonus points if you make smalltalk to the owners while I pet the dogs
  2. You buy me a cup of tea and leave me alone while I read a book
  3. You help me study pharmacology while providing snacks and motivation
  4. You drive me home from the grocery store when I buy too much to walk home with
    I pick the music and you help me put all the stuff away
  5. You go through my recent Facebook photos and comment compliments on them
  6. You draw me a bath the prefect temperature and the ideal amounts of bubbles, then leave.
  7. You point to your muscles and I name the muscle and it's innervation, action, and blood supply.
  8. You mail me the strangest postcards you can find with a corny joke written on them
  9. You accompany me dancing and never make fun of my dance moves, in fact you make goofier dance moves so I look more on base with my moves.