You know when you're talking to a friend and you use an expression your parents have used a thousand times, but they just stare at you like you were speaking French?
  1. Heavens Tamergetroys
    Used as an exclamation, usually of admiration or praise
  2. Do you want a medal, or a chest to pin it on?
    Used to sarcastically congratulate someone for an accomplishment deemed unworthy of praise
  3. Shart
    If you've seen Along Came Polly, you know this is a combo word for when you shit and you fart at the same time. For younger me, who didn't know the word shit yet, it was just slang for a really wet sounding fart
  4. Rosie Titupoo
    Used as a term of endearment. Sometimes shortened to just "Rosie"
  5. Shmegma
    I know this one is more common, but in my house growing up it was anything of a semi-liquid, semi-solid, probably sticky mass. Usually found in cans of wood stain.
  6. Julubee Rolls
    We get these every Christmas. One year when my brother was learning to talk, he couldn't say "Jubilee", he said "Julubee" roll instead. And it stuck.