Hats in Disney World

  1. So me and my family went to Disney last summer
    Here's me and my sister and brother in EPCOT
  2. And we decided to be those awful people who took group selfies while trying on hats they don't intend to buy
  3. Darth Vader and Yoda hats
  4. Floppy sunhats
  5. Scarecrow?
    Shoutout to my dad for getting in on this one
  6. Chewbacca and abominable snowman hats
  7. Keith's fez
  8. Technically not a hat but the thing I felt most scared of being yelled at by a Disney employee for trying on
  9. Sedge hat
  10. Chipmunk, wizard, Minnie Mouse hats
  11. Misc. German hats
  12. Bear hat
  13. Minnie ears and Jessie hat