Hey I'm (Almost) Back From Cancun

  1. So last Saturday I graduated with my undergrad degree
  2. And woke up at 3am Sunday to head on vacation in Cancun with my roommate and our friend
  4. A full week of beach walks
  5. And snorkeling
  6. And visiting Chichen Itsa (which was my favorite part)
  7. (And also the hottest)
    This picture brought to you by the pit stains mercifully cropped out
  8. And Cirque du Soleil
  9. And we swam in a cenote
    And jumped from a 20 foot ledge into the water
  10. And got some just fantastic food poisoning from poolside shrimp quesadillas
  11. It was my first real experience through customs and I was only held up once in Mexico for some renegade deodorant
  12. Here's to my first passport stamps and a safe flight to Boston!