Meet My Plant Nanny Garden

Plant Nanny is an app that helps you track how much water you drink over a day. As you drink, you water your plants and I feel a personal responsibility to my plants
  1. Growl the Dandelion
    My first plant, goofball, dumb but has the best of intentions
  2. Pam the Cactus
    Has two heads, smart, yes named after Pam Beesley
  3. Eileen the Chickfern
    My first 'investment plant', I call her the epididymis plant because the head looks like that part of the testis
  4. Perry the Clover
    Named while watching Scrubs, cutest pot of all of them
  5. Rachel the Snowbush
    When you click her, the leaves fall off and pick back up, took a long ass time to grow
  6. Archie the Devil's Ivy
    Beginner plant, almost killed him while I was in Mexico not drinking water