I realize most of these dresses are from movie musicals and I'm not sorry
  1. Liesl's dress during the gazebo scene in The Sound of Music
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  2. Every single thing Scarlett O'Hara wears in Gone With the Wind
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    Curtain dress pictured here, but the white one at the beginning is my personal favorite
  3. Mimi's outfit during "La Vie Boheme" in Rent
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    I went through a major RENT phase in middle school and I would wear sweaters off the shoulder like Mimi, thinking it looked cool. It didn't.
  4. Marty's dress for the dance in Grease
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    The most unappreciated Pink Lady had some of the best outfits in the whole movie
  5. Ariel's "explore the kingdom/Kiss the Girl" outfit
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    Inspired my (thankfully) brief hair bow phase in high school