Personal Ads I Would Put Out if That Was Still a Thing

Inspired by @torihyndman and man I wish tital waves were real again because I would read the crap outta more lists with this theme
  1. White female desiring a wedding but not necessarily a husband. Must look good in tux.
  2. Young woman in okay shape who talks about school incessantly. Owns a lot of sweaters and will show you how to drink tea properly. Avid coffee drinkers need not respond.
  3. Female seeking male with a dog. Preferred, more than one dog.
  4. Single 22 year old female who doesn't mind waiting fifteen minutes for a text back requiring a man willing to take her out to dinner and give her a backrub once every two weeks.
  5. Female who like piña coolatas and getting caught in the rain seeks male with shared interests.
  6. Single woman in the medical field seeking man okay with talking about feces and vomiting at the dinner table. Highly educated, forgets her manners, and swears a lot.
  7. Woman in her early twenties with a credit score almost in the 800s seeking man with similar credit score