Regarding My Last List: "in Which I Have a Jerry Gergich Moment"

  1. Okay so my cousin uploaded more pictures from the wedding
  2. The album is now up to 650 photos
  3. And yes, I'm in actually a whole bunch of them
  4. Because I KILL IT on the dance floor
  5. As pictured here:
  6. And here: (I'm crouching for God knows what reason)
  7. Another of me crouching?
  8. And here:
  9. And here:
  10. And here:
  11. And I'm also a pro accessorizer based on this beautiful flower taken from my dinner plate
  12. What a great night surrounded by family. Sorry to my cousin's photographer, you got plenty of pictures of me getting down on the dance floor ❤️💛💚💙💜