1. Has great bread and olive oil on table at all times
  2. Coatracks
  3. No tables- just booths. Or booth on one side of the table, dining chairs on other side
  4. Has enough menu options that you don't feel limited, but not so many that you feel overwhelmed
  5. Offers Dr. Pepper as drink option
  6. Offers kids crayons and paper to color
  7. Plays piano music in dining room
  8. Plays Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole-era songs in bathroom
  9. Waiters and waitresses ask exactly twice how your food is, and never when your mouth is full. Also they never let your glasses of water get more than halfway empty
  10. Gives you your leftovers in the plastic to go containers you can keep and use as giant Tupperwares.
  11. Offers tea and coffee after desert with no pressure to pay bill and leave