1. So my little sister is a baking and pasty major in Vermont, and she came to the city for some interviews at restaurants for internships.
  2. I walked her to Fenway Park and I just drank a whole medium sweet tea from Dunks, so I asked her tour guide/culinary intern boss to use a bathroom
  3. He said yes, and instead of bringing me to some exterior bathroom he brought me to the nice bathroom in one of the Fenway clubs and I couldn't find my way out from there
  4. So I tagged along the whole tour
  5. Which was ok because the other kid on the tour had his parents there
  6. Fenway had some cool little gardens where they grow the vegetables they use in recipes
  7. They also try to get as much locally as possible, including their meats and seafood
  8. The guy giving us the tour swears and has a wicked Boston accent and I kinda love him
  9. I got to see the kitchens
  10. And got to go into the press box
  11. And the Green Monster
  12. So basically I got the 16$ tour for free plus kitchen tours
  13. And she got the job!