Sometimes I text myself to remember things
  1. Heretic Evil Cousin IPA
  2. Lights in porta potties at music festivals (solar?) cleverly sponsored by a brand
  3. "Each woman is uniquely funny. And the more we celebrate comedians for their individuality and not their gender, the closer we get to equality"
  4. Horoscope, myers briggs, book on tape
  5. Telling stories, everyone has a story, you me, that company, etc - people connect through commalities and similar stories and memories
  6. miracle moment: talk with becca wagner, becca wagner saying our chat was her miracle moment and the night hike and seeing shooting stars
    Can I have four miracle moments?
  7. What is a beautiful night?
    Taps question?
  8. What is on your IG feed? What is on your Twitter feed? PURGE
  9. The list app?
    Thanks @kira
  10. Brick in Your Face by Stitches