1. I ❤️ coffee. So much so, that I often go to bed thinking about the cup of coffee that I am going to drink the next morning.
  2. I consider peanut butter to be its own food group.
  3. I like dogs more than people.
  4. My inner voice curses a lot. I mean A LOT.
  5. Both presumptive presidential candidates are just awful, to me anyway. There really is no lesser evil this year.
  6. I sometimes look at my son and wonder how I got so lucky. He is such a great kid.
  7. I am fascinated by people's motives. More specifically, why people are rude, mean or hateful. Or what motivates a poor decision.
  8. I ❤️ family road trips and vacations. The mountains are our favorite destination.
  9. I found this Listroduction to be really hard. I felt a lot of pressure.
  10. I ended my list because we pulled in our driveway from a family road trip.