Not a day goes by that Central Park isn't the backdrop to a marriage, an engagement, and countless first dates. With Valentine's Day on the horizon we wanted to know what you think are the most romantic places in Central Park. We'll kick it off with a few of our favorites, but please feel free to add your own!
  1. Bethesda Terrace
    Bethesda spring 2015
    It is not uncommon to stop by Bethesda Terrace in the summer and see multitudes of brides having their wedding photos taken here, often accompanied by the hearty congratulations from scores of random strangers. It is quintessential New York.
  2. Bow Bridge
    Bowbridge fall 2015
    Bow Bridge has probably seen more engagements than anywhere else in the Park. There is something about the gentle curve of this cast iron bridge that screams, "Marry me!" and begs for an enthusiastic, "YES!"
  3. Ladies Pavillion
    Dsc 9632
    Covered in snow, this cast iron pavilion looks like a wedding cake. Perched on the edge of the Lake, the Ladies' Pavilion is the perfect place to commemorate true love.
  4. Conservatory Garden
    Conservatory mums fall 2015
    Like something out of a fairy tale, the three gardens of the Conservatory Garden are resplendent in all seasons, but really shine in spring and fall. A special permit is required to be married in Conservatory Garden, so check our website for more details.
  5. Belvedere Castle.
    Suggested by @amylombard
  6. The Row Boats at the Loeb Boathouse.
    Suggested by @Yosha