The majority of our lawns are closed now for the winter, but winter seems to not be in much of a hurry to arrive! So while picnics on the Sheep Meadow are out of the question, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy 60 degrees in December. Feel free to add your suggestions to the list!
  1. Eat lunch on a bench next to the Lake
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  2. Jump, play, climb, and swing at the newly renovated Adventure Playground
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  3. Bike or run the Loop
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  4. Run the Reservoir
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  5. Go birding in the Ramble
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  6. Go hiking in the North Woods
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  7. Play chess, checkers, or a board game for free at the Chess & Checkers House
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  8. Buy pressies for everyone at the Central Park Conservancy Kiosk at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market
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  9. Take a tour of the Park with your favorite celebrities via our exclusive Celebrity Audio Guide
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