C'mon there's gotta be more than this
  1. The romance in the friend group
    Why does it always happen? There are just too many examples, but how about... Main character falls in love with a secondary one; M.C. just doesn't date; M.C. likes another M.C. outside their friend group; M.C. dates someone that is important to them but doesn't take part in the story line
  2. The love triangle
    I've noticed it's always girls. What? Spice it up a bit (or in this case even it out) and make the main interest a boy. Conversations between the two girls can be very different from the m/m ones.
  3. The bad/dead parents
    All I want is a main character with a funny, loving and at times ridiculous family. A realistic family. Bonus points if it's a huge one.
  4. The Mary Sue
    She's beauty, she's grace and so on. Sometimes it's better if the M.C. is a little mean, sloppy or even a tad bit stupid. It happens to people.
  5. The good one turns bad turns good
    Because there's nothing more predictable than making a good character a traitor and then saving him in the last minute by making him good again. Alternatives: traitor dies a traitor; traitor dies a good one; traitor doesn't die and continues on to be the next super villain
  6. The "never in my life have I broken rules"
    Sure, Jan. Sometimes authors like to make characters extra innocent as if kids their age don't go to parties and get black out drunk without their parents knowing. A few ideas; M.C. is unapologetically partying when they can; M.C. drinks beer AND gets good grades; M.C. has cool parents that let M.C. go to wild parties;
  7. The daddy issues boy next door
    He's so mysterious I wonder what has happened to him. Aaah, yes. Violent father. How surprising. Never thought about a good father/son relationship? How about a father that lets his son do whatever but doesn't know that's harmful? Maybe a bratty son and a good dad? Please
  8. The chosen one that's extremely powerful
    I bet it would be a lot of fun if the chosen one were a rather weak one. A stupid one. A character that doesn't care they were chosen. A bad leader.
  9. And lastly
  10. The loving main character
    We need more vicious, cruel and selfish main characters with good character development.