I was lucky enough to study abroad in London last Fall. As the one year anniversary of my departure approaches, I thought I'd reminisce about why my heart still aches for London. I'm just a bitter, wannabe Londoner living in Bumblefuck.
  1. Rain
    My disposition doesn't mesh with sunshine and neither does my wardrobe. I enjoy waking up to the sound of rain against my window. Also, London rain is different. It was rarely stormy or brutal showers, it was more of a gentle misting that occurred each day. It became a daily reminder to take in my environment.
  2. Fish&Chips
    Generic, I know, but Fish Friday at my school was lit. However, my consumption didn't solely take place on Fridays. My arteries might hate me but I still love myself.
  3. Nando's
    I enjoy food, I enjoy food a lot. I still dream of those peri peri chips and creamy mash on the reg. Uh, that chicken, wow! I would go back in time and make us lose the revolution if it meant there would be Nando's in every damn city in America. I kid but hopefully you understand my love for Nando's.
  4. that fucking London vibe ~
    Every city has a vibe, and either you're feeling it or you're not. You can't force it. Just walking down a street, I loved the way London felt. Its whole atmosphere was refreshing, yet oddly familiar. Looking back, it could've just been me feeling all the beers I consumed...who knows?
  5. Highs and Lows
    London can be unforgiving. One moment, it reels you in with warmth and intrigue. A cozy pub on a frosty day. THEN BAM, your shit gets stolen, you fall on your face in the rain, and no one cares. London makes you work for it, it is a city with power. When you feed off that power, you're on top of the world. Just don't let its power feed on you.
  6. My London Self
    London made me a different person and I understand myself better because of it. I'm more aware of the person I am, what I like and don't like. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fucking mess but at least I'm aware of that mess. I can work on that mess.
  7. Spoons
    I appreciate you and your cheap alcohol.