Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, so it's only fitting to share the story of how we met 😍
  1. I still remember the first day I met my best friend, back in 2007. I was 19-years old and home for the summer from college in Fairmont, WV. Mom and Dad made it clear that I was to work during my summer, they wouldn't be buying my gas or footing the bill for my summer fun..
  2. I started working at Walmart in May 2007 & I was placed in the Lawn & Garden Department as Summer Help. It was roughly my third day on the job when my Department Manager called a small meeting at the register during shift change to give us our direction for the evening.
    I'd been working for three days in this department and thought I'd met all my co-workers, but it turns out I hadn't! I couldn't quite figure out who the handsome fella was standing with us in our small meeting... Turns out his name was Nick.
  3. Nick and I took to each other quite quickly, becoming fast friends. Both of us were extremely shy that summer and neither made the first move to initiate a relationship... Towards the end of that summer I met someone and dated him for five & a half years, off and on.
    Nick and I stayed distant friends through the years by sending a few text messages back and forth from time to time, but I always regretted not giving a relationship with him a chance.
  4. Fast forward eight & a half years and here we are; I couldn't be happier! I'm so happy for second chances ❤️
  5. Married July 12, 2014