We're BFFs and he'll be 80 in March!
  1. We are partners in crime.
  2. My Poppy Joe is (one of) the best Poppy's out there! He's funny, sweet, reliable, understanding, never judges, always willing to help, always a shoulder to cry on, and just plain amazing. I'd be lost in this world without him!
  3. I love when he calls just to chat some nights, the other night we talked for 40 minutes! He rocks & I'm thankful 💕
  4. In my 29 years of life I recall my grandfather wearing an actual t-shirt (and not a collared, button down shirt) two times. Once when cousin Tanner played in the OVAC game and the second time when cousin Colton played in the same game.
  5. My Poppy Joe is an outstanding individual and I know I say it all the time, but I am so blessed to call him my grandpa! He's my best friend and my confidant.. Without him, my life wouldn't have been as great as it has been. He supports his family 110% and is a man I truly look up to. He's the best!!