1. Live life to the fullest!
  2. I live in a VERY SMALL, rural area in southeastern Ohio - about 45 minutes south of Wheeling, WV, along the Ohio River.
  3. Last night three guys, the best of friends from childhood into adulthood (they were all in their 40s), were killed in a car wreck. The wreck was so far over a careen, crews reached them about 5pm this evening.
    Between the three of them they left behind 6 or 7 children. I am heartbroken for all the family and friends of these guys.
  4. When something like this happens, especially in a small town it hits everyone - because everyone is intertwined in one way or another.
    One of the guys lived with my uncle when they were just out of high school, another was my sister's neighbor and distant relative, & the third was a good friend's best friends boyfriend.
  5. I'm just in shock really, you never expect something like this to happen; life is so very fragile and can change in an instant. It sure sucks that it takes a tragedy such as this to remind you that no minute, hour, or day is promised and to live life to the fullest!