This is my personal ranking of Reiner Knizia's best multiplayer board(ish) games. I didn't include strictly 2-player games just because the man has done so freaking many great games. Maybe I'll do another :)
  1. Modern Art
  2. Beowulf: The Legend
  3. Lord of the Rings
  4. Tigris & Euphrates
    I own like every edition of this game ever made, back to the 1997 Hans im Glück first edition. The new one from Fantasy Flight is quite nice.
  5. Blue Moon City
  6. Quo Vadis
    This gets overlooked a lot because it's a deal-making game, which geeks tend to not prefer, but it's terrific and more interesting than other games in this category (Bohnanza, Chinatown, even Traders of Genoa).
  7. Priests of Ra
  8. Colossal Arena
    You have to use the original Titan: The Arena endgame rules, though, and get rid of the 3 creatures the FFG staff made up (Daimon, Seraphim, Colossus).
  9. Samurai
  10. Keltis Das Orakel
  11. Taj Mahal
  12. Tower of Babel
  13. Ra: The Dice Game
  14. Ingenious
  15. Qin
    If you have the expansion boards, that really helps the replayability.
  16. Great Wall of China
  17. Through the Desert
  18. Lost Cities: The Boardgame
  19. Ra
    I used to rate this game much higher, but I've really turned on it in recent years ... the really diffuse scoring and high randomness makes for too many boring games. Priests of Ra was clearly designed to address some problems in the original, and I still rate that game quite highly.
  20. Keltis: Das Kartenspiel