These are the games I've been playing recently ...
  1. Tin Goose
    This is great. In the two weeks it's been out I've played it like 5 times. Thoughtful but not complicated, historically evocative, strategic but with enough randomness to keep you on your toes. Highest recommendation.
  2. T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case
    I think gamers tend to give games with a great core idea a pass for terrible execution, and this really does have awful execution. The core game for T.I.M.E stories was OK, but The Marcy Case is a total hack job. They really need to hire Robin Laws as a consultant.
  3. Catan Ancient Egypt & Catan Star Trek
    Catan is an oldie but goodie; I still love the game even after 20 years. Both these sets are terrific. The Helpers variant which both sets have integrated further improves an already great game.
  4. 504
    I adore this game, but it won't be for everyone. My review is here:
  5. End of the World: Zombie Apocolypse
    Fun rules-light RPG, surprisingly solid for an FFG product (it's not an in-house design; that probably explains it). It probably really wants to be played as a longer campaign arc for the system to work best (10-15 sessions), which I'm not sure we'll do. I was a little skeptical of the "play as yourself" conceit but it turned out to be surprisingly fun.
  6. Bios: Megafauna
    Revisited this for the first time in a long time. When it first came out, it was not that well received, but I've always thoroughly enjoyed it - especially two player. The living rules - an extra display to draft from and a new role for P genes - help the game a lot. It's crazy-random but also short, really evocative and blends serious science and serious fun brilliantly as the best Sierra Madre games do.