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  1. When your pancakes won't sit down:
  2. When you make pancakes for a vegan:
  3. When you make pancakes illegally:
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  1. Young rob lowe
  2. Young rob lowe
  3. Young rob lowe
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Senior year got me feeling some sorta way...
  1. Became
    No Clare, beginning to become is NOt a word
  2. Audition
    You know the thing where people go and watch the people? And they do the judging? (And I wasn't talking about a human zoo)
  3. Throw
    You know, it's a blanket for a blanket!
  4. Polo
    A preppy man's tee shirt.
  1. The aunt that wears a ton of L.L.Bean and is a schoolteacher or nurse
    Thank you so much for my national geographic subscription.
  2. The old lady who you aren't sure exactly how she is related to you but every time she sees you she tells you how she remembers you when you were little
    Glad to know I'm the apple of your eye
  3. That really smart cousin that makes you look bad.
    Oh wow Harris you just had to get into Princeton.
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