I just started going to barbers...I might stop soon...
  1. "Man, you said you're still in your 20's...doesn't look like it."
    Yes, I have some salt and pepper. Doesn't mean I don't look like a handsome George Clooney.
  2. "Your hair is like a winter wonderland...but with grey hair"
    Referring to my dry ass scalp. He then offered to condition it again after cutting it...
  3. "Whoa..."
    In response to walking into the shop...I guess it was that bad.
  4. "You know, my kid is gay. You guys would be perfect together"
    A very nice sentiment.
  5. "Sorry papi, I can't cut your hair. You have a little bald spot on your nape"
    So, well worth the train ride there...
  6. "Damn, I'd hit it"
    After she was done. Def the best compliment