Canuck place is an amazing home for children with life threatening illnesses (and their families). I am so grateful I made the choice to be a part of it 5 years ago. Visit for more information!
  1. The people
    Let's just say that you don't get assholes who choose to work at a children's hospice. You get the most compassionate and kind people, who are, in general, the best people ever.
  2. The family-like team environment
    This is not like when you hear a TV actor say the cast is like a big happy family, when they secretly spit in each other's coffee and other spiteful things. This is legit. Everyone is supportive and it's a very inclusive team of volunteers and staff, which is really hard to come by in the volunteer world. I certainly have never experienced anything like it before.
  3. The house
    Very mansion-y/neat/historic
  4. The families
    I feel like I would be an awful person if I had to experience a single day of what these families are going through. But they are some of the most wonderful and hopeful people I have ever met. I want to be like them when I grow up (so basically right now).
  5. And most of all, the kids
    Some of the funniest, happiest, thoughtful children/teens in the entire world. They really know how to make a person feel awful (unintentionally) for complaining about the small things.