I've been halfway paying attention to the GOP debate and here are my thoughts so far and here on out (if I care enough to keep watching)
  1. It didn't take long for the GOP to show off their out dated way of thinking by talking about mom bringing their kids to the bus, while dad goes off to work.
  2. There is a new low on what candidates will use to politicize themselves
  3. These candidates don't no anything about technology and that scares the hell out of me
  4. It funny to watch how far candidates will stretch to try to use their personal experiences as a qualifier for their "presidential" legitimacy (Christy is hanging his campaign on this)
  5. Trump brings in ratings - without him there is no way there would this many debates (just look at the democrats and the number of their debates)
  6. Have any of these candidates ever read the Quran?
  7. Every time two candidates argue and start speaking over, there's a third one that will come out of no where to try to but in and make themselves seem relevant
  8. The scary thing about Ben Carson is that he really believes everything he's saying
  9. There should be a drinking game on how many time Christy reminds people he was a prosecutor and governor. (You'd be pretty drunk if he gets his chance to speak.)
  10. No one loses any points when they attack the press. Trump has done a great job of this positioning himself as a crusader who calls out the press.
  11. Some of these candidates are better at pivoting the questions then others. Cruz is pretty good at it, but even then it's a stretch.
  12. It surprises that Kasich is leading Rand in the polls
  13. Chris Christy has the same closing speech every debate
  14. Fiorina comparing her 9/11 response as a CEO is not comparable to anything in terms of government, she needs to stick to business and growing the economy
  15. Rubio is sounding more and more like a presidential candidate
  16. Trump needs to change his campaign slogan to "America Doesn't Win Anymore." He's not dumb, he knows every time he says something outrageous the press will pick it up and his poll numbers will rise
  17. This debate was very much like the 1st. A lot of back and forth bickering, blasting each other every chance they got, and trying to bring down Clinton by making her synonymous with President Obama