I'm only almost 19, but I am just what you're looking for 60 Minutes.
  1. I'm reliable
    Give me a task I'll do it. Whether it be getting coffee or interviewing the president, you can count on me to get the job done.
  2. I'm fairly intelligent
    I would say I'm pretty smart and I think that could work at a wonderful place like CBS's 60 minutes.
  3. I live for in depth stories
    60 minutes is the best because it provides depth to stories that people care about (or at least should).
  4. I have journalistic experience
    High school newspaper! But I'm willing to do whatever you guys want me to do in order to work for you.
  5. I'm dedicated
    It helps me get the job done. Coffee machine broken? I won't give up until it's fixed and whoever wanted coffee has it in their hand. Want me to interview someone while bullets are flying everywhere? Just strap on that vest and I'm ready to go.
  6. I love 60 Minutes
    I want to work at a place that I love and for as long as I can remember, as weird enough as it is, me and my parents would gathering round the television on Sunday nights waiting for that beautiful ticking.