List app forever
  1. All the "nerdy" references
    I love how I keep reading about things that people may consider "nerdy" but I love. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings. (Some Things include, lost, game of thrones, lord of the rings, Star Wars, inception)
  2. Hamilton keeps popping up
    Lin Manuel Miranda's work of genius is getting so much love and I love it because I love it but don't have anyone to share my love of it with except the strangers on list app but hey that's enough for me.
  3. How nice everyone is
    No mean comments or "sub-listing" as the kids might say. I much less tentative to like or realist a list of a stranger because everyone is friendly. Just a collective of nice list loving people.
  4. People are amazing
    Some lists make me laugh out loud. Some even make me cry. Many I relate to. This is the one social app that gives me hope for humanity because the listers seem like amazing wonderful people.