1. New Orleans Louis Armstrong International
    This is my favorite place in the world. Okay, so maybe just my favorite airport but whatever it's the best.
  2. Laguardia Airport
    I'm okay with this place. Some people hate on it but they've always been really nice when they're patting me down.
  3. Columbus, OH Airport
    To be honest I dint even know if it was in Columbus. But this is one he list because a) I've been there and b) that place is clean AF and I appreciate that.
  4. Florida
    Yeah... No idea which one but I was going to Disney both times so it wasn't that bad.
  5. Philadelphia Airport
    This place had really cool artwork in there when I went. Actually pretty sure it wasn't 'artwork' but just some sculpture things but either way they caught my attention and they were super cool.
  6. Detroit Airport
    I'm sure this airport has a real name/there are multiple airports in Detroit but I was in here for a second and a half so I have no idea. It wasn't too bad.
  7. Charlotte, NC Airport
    Again only here for a second, I'm pretty indifferent.
  8. Newark Liberty International
    This place is actually what hell will look like when I go there. Hate isn't enough of a word. No matter how many other airports I go to and however terrible they are this one will always hold last place in my heart.