I should try to stop doing at least one of these... but hey, no harm no foul if you get to work on time amirite?
  1. My bed is soooo comfy
  2. I find pressing the snooze button strangely satisfying
  3. I work well under pressure
  4. I'm thinking about ways to avoid my 1.5 hour commute (there are none)
  5. I'm writing in the morning (terrible idea, especially if I get into a groove)
  6. My cat has chosen my chest as the most ideal place to sleep and HOW DO YOU MOVE HER YOU CAN'T TOO CUTE
  7. Sleeping in to enjoy the fact that it's Monday and that's the day the roofers don't come to work on the house
  8. I'm browsing the List App (gets me EVERY. TIME)