Or "I'm Obsessive AMA"
  1. Yes, because I work there but if I'm being honest I checked it this much before I worked there too.
  2. Primary Elections (temporary)
  3. My Bracket (temporary)
    No surprise here I'm losing by two points (thanks Texas Tech, but really thanks self bc you didn't think your choices through enough)
  4. My breathing
    Asthma sucks
  5. My dog
    Since Nola is very much the "adventurous" type I check on her to see how she's holding up from all the times she runs into doors, throws herself into stationary objects (the couch mostly sometimes she overshoots her landing and ends up on the back of the couch or undershorts and hits the bottom with her chest), and the like. She's crazy but I love her so so much.
  6. Twitter
    What can I say here really that isn't already obvious.
  7. I mean, duh.
  8. The kitchen for snacks
    Considering five days out of the week I'm away from home 12-14 hours a day, I think this is pretty impressive imo.