Theatre+Halloween+marching band=a whole hell of a lot of costumes
  1. Fairy
    ISU's A Midsummer Night's Dream
  2. A seal-woman
    I got to come out of the floor, yo.
  3. A dying seal-woman in human form
    The land-life was just killer.
  4. An almost overdosing on sleeping pills, Sleeping Beauty
  5. Leprechaun
  6. Jesse
    Toy Story 2
  7. the Red Queen
    Not to be confused with the Queen of Hearts
  8. Marching cowboy
  9. Marching warrior
  10. Look alike as my high school gym teacher who had a big personality and an even bigger ass.
  11. A witch.
  12. Snow White
    No dwarves were harmed in the making of this kindergarten costume.
  13. The green m&m
    Complete with four-fingered rubber gloves
  14. A mourning widow named Mrs. Hopewell
    Blacks on blacks on blacks. Did I mention she wore black?
  15. An cow-wranglin' shrew named Kate
    Our costume designer told me she wanted a "sun-kissed" look to my pale complexion. High school me took that as "pile on orange foundation".
  16. A school teacher named Irena Synkova