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I don't care if I break the rules, 'cause it's my list!
  1. The set for Johnny Carson's tonight show - can you imagine the interviews when guests come over?
  2. On Golden Pond - I would talk very slowly and swear a lot.
  3. A cheese aging room (that's me!). All right, so it's not that fictional, but this is my list boyyzzzzzzz....
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  1. Animals on the other side of dirty glass
  2. O-H-
  3. Networking with the world's leading podcaster's.
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And some that just have to be here....
  1. First Picture
  2. Unhappy
  3. Peru workhorse
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  1. No more pop (again)
  2. Continue working to get my body better
  3. Less hustle, more flow
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  1. Roquefort - the cheese that altered my life all those years ago as an 8 yr old. The natural caves of Mont Cambalou are responsible for centuries of mounds on many different cheeses.
  2. Beaufort d'Alpage - the king of Mountain cheeses. Comte, Gruyere, and Emmenthaler are all really important cheeses, but they all bow down to the Cadillac! Make sure you work to find the summer milk version…
  3. Raw milk Camembert - unctuous, vegetal mold that you can feel travel through your veins to the tips of your fingers. Better hurry, the amount of cheese makers in France are dwindling.
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