1. Trampled by a cow
  2. Drown by a scorned lover in a fountain
  3. Hit by a double decker bus
  4. Hanged by a DJ
  5. Impaled by cemetery gates
  6. Stuck in a well
  7. Jumped from the top of the parachute
  8. Got confused and killed by a horse
  9. In a hair dresser fire
  10. Bitten by a buck tooth girl from Luxembourg
  11. Killed by the bomb
  12. Fatally struck by bigmouth
  13. Bullet in the gullet
  14. By your side
  15. Run down in the street after naturally fleeing a woman who suggested a sexual act that Caligula would've blushed at
    Suggested by @angusisley
  16. Stabbed in the back by Johnny Marr
    Suggested by @angusisley