A Collection: My Father's Black and White Medium Format Photographs (Updated)

UPDATED: Six Additional Images. Years ago, my manager at EPNG kindly printed an 8x10 set of these images, and gave them to dad in a beautiful album. I will always be grateful for the kindness photographer James Dean did for my father and me. The photos were taken around 1946 or earlier when dad was a member of a local photography club.
  1. Socorro Mission—La Purisima Church
    328 S Nevarez Road, Socorro, Texas 79927
  2. KROD TV Station
    Later renamed KDBC when sold and has since relocated. It is now studios for KSCE. 2201 Wyoming, El Paso, Texas 79903
  3. East Mills Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901
    Across from the USPS was the Military Store and VonZell Photo Studio. Just graduated from high school, my father worked as a darkroom tech for Frieda VonZell.
  4. East Mills Avenue at North Stanton, El Paso, Texas 79901
  5. VonZell Studio, East Mills Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901
    The window displays the large-scale portraits printed by my dad.
  6. Harry Mitchell Brewing Company, Co. 3801 Frutas & Latta Streets, El Paso, Texas 79905
    Now the home of artist studios, it was originally the home of Harry Mitchell Brewing Co. (1935-1955) and Falstaff Brewing Corp No. 9 (1955-1967).
  7. El Paso Airport
    My husband MJ places this picture around January–March 1946. He thinks the vantage point was its control tower. It appears, they were holding a small air show and promoting (post) war bonds. In the background are the Franklin Mountains.
  8. KTSM (NBC affiliate)
    801 N Oregon St. El Paso, Texas 79902. It remains at this location.
  9. El Paso Drive-In Theatre
    Once located near the intersection of Gateway West and Chelsea Drive.
  10. Warner Drug
    The second place where my dad worked. It had its own photo development lab and camera department.
  11. University of Texas El Paso
    Cotton Memorial (left) and Old Main in the distance. Taken before the Student Union, Union Dinner Theatre, and Psychology were built.
  12. El Paso Times / El Paso Herald Post Building
    Initially demolished to make room for a new newspaper building, it is now occupied by several city departments. The original and rebuild were/are located at the corner of North Campbell and East Mills. In another list I refer to how the newspapers sold pads of newsprint for sketching: Letters, Maps, Drawings: Early Memories with Mom
  13. Gulf Home Oil No. 7
    1401 Texas Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901. In the distance are the Franklin Mountains with an "M" for the Texas Western (now UTEP) Miners.This station was owned and operated by my grandfather, Thomas A. Jackson. Although, he used to bring relatives from Arkansas to work for him, he was always disappointed with the outcome. Never go into business with friends or relatives.
  14. A break from black and white is a long lost image found of my dad on a friend's Harley ServiCar.
    The motorbike was owned by his friend, a retired WWII Army chaplain and Catholic priest. Unfortunately, dad could only sit on the vehicle and not ride it. His right hip was fused after surgery at 14 for a bone infection (most likely Legg-Calve-Perthes disease). Thank you, dad. 💔
  15. See more of dad's photographs and about him here:
    Kodachrome slides taken by my father that I love Kodachrome slides taken by my father that I love