Blue(s) list

Songs beginning with the name Blue or Blues in my current rotation
  1. Blue
    from the album "Blue" by Joni Mitchell (1971)
  2. Blue
    from the live double album "Miles Of Aisles" by Joni Mitchell backed by the LA Express (1974)
  3. Blue
    From the Album "Fields" by Junip (2010)
  4. Blue Condition
    From the studio album "Disraeli Gears" by Creem (1967)
  5. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
    From the ACL LIVE album "Live from Austin TX" by Willie Nelson (1990)
  6. Blue Jean
    From the compilation double album "Nothing Has Changed" by David Bowie (2014)
  7. Blue Kentucky Girl
    From the compilation album "Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline on Tour, Vol. 1" (1995)
  8. Blue Letter
    From the eponymous Fleetwood Mac album (1975)
  9. Blue Moon
    From the studio album "Morning Phase" by Beck (2014)
  10. Blue Moon of Kentucky
    From the studio album "Setzer Goes Instru-MENTAL!" By Brian Setzer (2011)
  11. Blue Ridge Mountains
    From the eponymous studio album by Fleet Foxes (2008)
  12. Blue Rondo a la Turk (studio and live version)
    From the legacy edition album "Time Out" by the Dave Brubeck Quartet (1959) Remastered in 1997
  13. Blue Rondo a la Turk (Live)
    From the live album "The Dave Brubeck Quartet —At Carnegie Hall" (1963)
  14. Blue Sky
    From the Allman Brothers Band album "Eat a Peach" (1972)
  15. Blues en Mineur
    From the 8 1/2 Souvenirs album "Happy Feet with Kathy Kiser" (1995)
  16. Blues for Harry Bosch (studio and Mocean Worker Remix)
    From the album "Trying to Figure It Out" by Grace Kelly (2016)
  17. Blues in the Night
    From the studio album "Songs for Only the Lonely" by Frank Sinatra (1958)
  18. Blues Magic
    From the album "Santana IV" by Santana (2016)
  19. Blues Rock
    From the album "The Art of Pepper" by Art Pepper, Carl Perkins, Ben Tucker & Chuck Flores (1957)
  20. Blues Run the Game
    From the digital box set "Nick Drake" (2010)
  21. Bonus: album "Blues"
    Posthumous compilation album of 11 blues classics recorded by Jimi Hendrix between 1966–1970, with six preciously unreleased. (1997)