🇺🇸🇲🇽Borderland stories No. 2: Impressions of our Gonzalez Family Reunion🇲🇽🇺🇸

When you look around and suddenly realize everyone in the room is there because two immigrants from Aguascalientes, Mexico came to this country for a better life.
  1. Marciano and Julia Macias met and married in El Paso, Texas
    She worked for ASARCO as a laundress before she married, and he began work there the same year his father retired. There were married for 56 years before Marciano, Sr. died. Julia lived to be 86.
  2. Together they had twelve children who lived to adulthood
    All received an education with some working at the same company where their father and grandfather had worked. Several served in the military, some worked for either local, state, or federal government, or in private industry. Everyone worked, paid taxes—all U.S.citizens. Eleven were born at home. This photo was taken by my father on a random Sunday, and captures nearly all their children.
  3. Celebration: August 13, 2016
    It included a wonderful cake listing all their children
  4. And color coded t-shirts for each child's family
  5. Ours was purple for my parents, Carolina and Terrel Jackson
  6. A mass celebrated and honored our parents and grandparents.
    The venue had a special memorial for those gone before us
  7. Party at Tricky Falls
  8. Good food
  9. Dance off
  10. Mariachis
  11. Photobooth
  12. Joy
  13. Even time for words of wisdom from someone once young, too.
  14. I love you all!
    Can we do this again next weekend? ❤️