Cat compendium (in reverse order)

Some as kittens and some as adults. No matter their age, cats make great companions.
  1. Wesley
    He is a friend for Misty and just turned one. His sisters and brothers are now companions to a good friend.
  2. Misty
    She was left next to our vet's dumpster and nearly froze to death. Almost two, she is a Korat and quite shy. Because she is the color of pavement, she and Wesley are indoor only cats. They are each other's shadow.
  3. Ned
    He came to our house as a stray when a tiny kitten. We found him our garage over the July 4 weekend in 2013. He's an expert (desert) mouse chaser and head bobber when he needs to go outside. (The mice need to learn to stay in the arroyo behind our house.)
  4. Buddy
    Found his way to us as an adult after he was abandoned inside a nearby house. He is an expert at popping window screens (his method of escape.)
  5. Pumpkin
    Adopted from the El Paso Humane Society. She is a survivor as she was run over by a neighbor who refused to slow down or stop. Finally, when she did use her brakes she caught Pumpkin's tail. If you cannot veer or stop safely, please try not to brake so as not to catch the animal's tail in the wheel. Dr. Lennox at Crossroads Animal Hospital did an excellent job of saving Pumpkin's life. She is now 16.
  6. Inky
    Our first cat, she too arrived at our house and garage over a July 4 weekend. She lived to be 18 and died in 2014.