Collages: Cat Edition

MOLDIV, a favorite iPhone app combines text and pictures in one image.
  1. Feline Family
    They range in age from 16–18 years to 2 years. Pumpkin was adopted from the Humane Society. Buddy, an adopted stray, wandered into our yard and stayed. Ned arrived as a stray kitten. He first found his way into our garage at about 5 weeks. It took about 2 weeks more to get him to the vet.
  2. Misty
    She was abandoned next to our vet's dumpster at about the same age as when we took in Ned—about five weeks old. The Judge came home with Misty after taking Ned to the vet to remove some stitches in his tail. A Korat, Misty needed a companion, and so, we adopted Wesley from a litter we heard had needed homes.
  3. Wesley's siblings
    Their companion and caregiver had a cold, so we took her some chicken soup.
  4. Ned age three is a scamp
    He gets around the most because he is the youngest one allowed outside. Hence, he's been treated for various scrapes and abscesses.
  5. Sometimes you just want to make a nice postcard
    Here is Misty with my "first day of spring" flowers.
  6. More flowers with Misty age two
  7. Wesley's sister
    His two brothers and two sisters were adopted by a good friend. We visited one day, and I took one of the girls had her picture.