Knee replacement recovery (Update)

January 2–February 9
  1. Using a vintage Bonnie Cashin pre-Coach bag to hold small items while I walk around the house.
    Holds my iPhone, etc. Here is a cool article about her.
  2. Going well. Until I fell
    a second time. PT suspended for two weeks by my surgeon.
  3. Back in the long brace for all walking
    Will revisit my surgeon this Wednesday and should be resuming PT after that.
  4. Before that, I ruined my iPad Air because of my being a dork.
    I spilled coffee all over it. And even though I had a silicone keyboard cover, the coffee seeped into the glide pad area.
  5. I loved that Air, too.
    It was purchased in 2011. It also kept Wesley warm when he was a baby. Luckily, the university issued me a MacBook Pro last fall.
  6. So, I got a bluetooth keyboard that connects to my iPad 2 mini. Works pretty well. There is a lot of switching between touching the screen and typing, though
  7. Teaching three classes on campus and one online.
    Four is definitely better than five, which I did last semester. I teach in this building—the Undergraduate Learning Center According to my Health app, it is 278 steps from curb to classroom. The wing in the right side behind the bush is where I teach on the second floor.
  8. Aside from getting used to the prothesis joint, teaching, and not falling, I finished inking one of my Inktober drawings. I may go back and color it with my Spectracolor pencils.
  9. And ran a picture of it through the Prisma app.
  10. Not much else has been going on.
    Except for collecting anti-Drumpf memes and reading a lot of news articles.
  11. Ah! New brace came. It's like the one in the Amazon commercial.
  12. Success! Got up on my bed (it's almost 4 feet off the floor.)
    And reading the New Yorker
  13. and taking pictures of Misty.
  14. Thursday, walked from the curb to my classroom in the UGLC building.
    My Heart app says it is 884 steps (both ways).
  15. The hallways are longer when using a walker or cane