Taught five classes at the university this semester
  1. They came in at the last minute in August
    Loved it, but between teaching, grading, keeping up my Blackboard content i didn't have a lot of time to Li•st. But now i do.
  2. Completed grading and submitting grades this morning about 2:30 AM.
    And still was receiving texts from students at that hour.
  3. Fielded hundreds of texts from my 125 or so students. Fun stuff.
    The last 10 days conversations are in my phone. Don't know when to delete, so I think I'll wait until Monday.
  4. Not one used L33t or stereotypical text speak.
    We later shared emojis and pictures of our pets (this is our Misty) after my initial share, not theirs. One student has a chinchilla which she says is high maintenance, but worth it.
  5. Texting, grammar, and spelling were things my cardiologist launched into a conversation about on Monday.
  6. I told him my students text in complete sentences. (Footnotes to follow)
    But that texting, like light being both a particle and a wave, is both speaking and writing. He calmed down at that explanation—he grokked it.
  7. In other news, here is my first image captured with my new iPhone 7plus 📱
    It's a matte black and was not supposed to arrive until nearer my birthday this month, but got here early. Yay!
  8. Then, decided to participate in Inktober. Amazingly, i did finish
    I have many to color, but every day in October has a drawing with a few into November.
  9. My favorite readers are Montana.
    I have four in different colors and strengths.
  10. What really saved my sanity since November 8 has been purchasing a certain original Broadway cast album and Mixtape, the Chernow biography, and reviewing the Federalist, especially nos. 10 and 68.
    As noted in this Chicago Tribune article: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-electoral-college-hamilton-founders-impeach-perspec-1114-md-20161213-story,amp.html "If Lin-Manuel Miranda ever does a second edition of his smash hip-hop musical "Hamilton," he may want to develop a new number based on Federalist No. 68."
  11. Long semester
    Interesting to say the least.
  12. Footnotes
  13. Random link re writing and speech acts in texting from a favorite Wired article by Clive Thompson interviewing Dr.Andrea Lunsford of Stanford
    The fact that students today almost always write for an audience (something virtually no one in my generation did) gives them a different sense of what constitutes good writing. In interviews, they defined good prose as something that had an effect on the world. For them, writing is about persuading and organizing and debating, even if it's over something as quotidian as what movie to go see.
  14. .
    The Stanford students were almost always less enthusiastic about their in-class writing because it had no audience but the professor: It didn't serve any purpose other than to get them a grade. As for those texting short-forms and smileys defiling serious academic writing? Another myth. When Lunsford examined the work of first-year students, she didn't find a single example of texting speak in an academic paper.
  15. .
    We think of writing as either good or bad. What today's young people know is that knowing who you're writing for and why you're writing might be the most crucial factor of all." (Thompson, 2009) WIRED MAGAZINE: 17.09 Clive Thompson on the New Literacy 08.24.09
  16. And, as luck would have it here is the first image of light photographed as both a particle and a wave
    Source: Reference Piazza L, Lummen TTA, Quiñonez E, Murooka Y, Reed BW, Barwick B, Carbone F. Simultaneous observation of the quantization and the interference pattern of a plasmonic near-field.Nature Communications 02 March 2015. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms7407EPFL scientists have now been able to take the first ever snapshot of light behaving both as a wave and as a particle. http://actu.epfl.ch/news/the-first-ever-photograph-of-light-as-both-a-parti/