The places of Ned (updated)

And where he likes to sleep
  1. Gone now, but before he jumped down I heard him purring.
    He jumped down for treats. To the left is where another box should be. I took it down so my SiL could view the photo albums it holds when she was last visiting. When I put it back, it will cramp his hiding space access.
  2. Here he is now
    Up in MJ's closet in a sweater box.
  3. .
    I turned off the light and left the door ajar.
  4. Later, he will get up, wander around the wet shower, and beg for more treats
    Then, move to sleep on a canvas Boston Library book bag covering a box on my dressing table.
  5. Once a kitten and inside the same bag
    Dear sweet Ned. Named by The Judge because he is the color of pencil lead.
  6. He has a lot of other places to sleep
    Near my bedroom window on the couch
  7. My bed
  8. Up on a Halloween 👻 📦 for 🎃decorations in the garage
    It was up high on a box where we first found baby Ned in the garage. There he was, a little lost kitteh, no one caring for him.
  9. On laps as a kitteh
  10. On sofas with The Judge
    While she works
  11. And finally, on small covered slipper chair
    It was my mother-in-law's and all the cats love it.
  12. Ned named for pencil lead
  13. At the vet this week. He is well, but has a weepy eye due to a herpes virus, and now has an ointment for it.