Things That Taste Like My Childhood

Inspired by @Kee_mcg
  1. Or, foods and meals I remember that were made at home
    Not much packaged foods, these were made at school, or by mom, my abuelos, my step-grandmother, and dad. A couple of outliers, though.
  2. Mole con pavo (turkey mole)
    Made during Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. My abuela and family made three turkeys for the dinner, with another exclusively for turkey mole. The mole was started before Thanksgiving and served throughout the weekend and sent home with families on Sunday night. And they did use the bottled mole sauce starter; the glass jars were added to the water glass collection (along with ones from grape jelly.)
  3. Cominda corrida en la casita
    Beans, Spanish rice, and tortillas were made fresh everyday with caldo (carrots, corn, potatoes, cuts of stewing beef or lengua). Abuela y tia made about 3–4 dozen tortillas every day. They sold lunches to the men working at ASARCO across the road, who started arriving to my abuelos' about 11:15 a.m. Along with big men in grey work jumpsuits, my uncles, and we cousins also ate at the same table where my grandmother and aunt had just made the tortillas. Heavenly eaten warm from the stove.
  4. Pan dulces
    All sorts, but especially a marranito for me. My abuelo took the bus into town early Saturday morning and came back with a large assortment.
  5. Grade school salad with French dressing
    Tiny salads and a sliver of tomato with the best sweet commercial French dressing. Served in the upper left-hand corner compartment.
  6. Grade school rectangular pizza
    What can I say? The best.
  7. My step-grandmother's butter pound cake
    Nothing tastes exactly or as sublime as an all butter pound cake made by a southern grandmother.
  8. My mom's rolled and baked red cheese enchiladas
    Our Friday night supper when she wasn't working. She almost always had Wednesdays off, so we had them then most weeks.
  9. Sopa de fideo or estrallitas
    Lunch time at home, or at my abuela's when she didn't make rice.
  10. My mom's German chocolate cake
    She made one every year for my birthday
  11. Nearly hot Jell-O™ water (preferably red)
    Made every month i was sick until i had my tonsils out over 2nd grade Christmas vacation, and when i had the three-day measles, and two-week red measles. (I was sick most times with allergies).
  12. My dad's homemade peach ice cream with fruit from our peach tree
    So much fun.
  13. Candy cigarettes in the same brand my father smoked—Chesterfield unfiltered
    Saturdays we would walk to the 7-11 for his cigarettes and he'd get me lookalikes. In the end, he stopped smoking in his 50s and i smoked at most, about a year. (I couldn't afford the Dunhill and Black Russian cigarettes i got in the habit of smoking on a high school trip to Europe.)